McArthur Airport on Long Island: the age limit

The promise at Long Island McArthur Airport, located in Long Island, operating in the shadow of Manhattan, nearby La Guardia Airport and JFK International Airports, has always come in the form of new airline service that has tried to achieve unprofitable profitability and . Several finally failed low-cost and novice carriers have left little more than a fading imprint over the past half decade.

For example, Alaska-based PenAir, which seeks to replace the popular, daily Saab S-340 flights once operated by Business Express and later the American Eagle between Long Island and Boston, forged in July 2013 its own connection to two daily returns. the same 34-passenger turboprop. But bad load factors led to its cessation a year later.

“We were losing money,” according to David Hall, PenAir’s chief operating officer. “We just couldn’t make a stable operating profit. Unfortunately, it’s a business and that’s how it works.”

Another attempt was made by an inexpensive Allegiant Air board based in Las Vegas, which in December 2013 opened two weeklies there in Punta Gorda, Florida, as their winter sun set in the evening, they were stopped on May 26 next year and had to resume in December. They never were.

Another Islip entrant was Elite Airways. In 2016, founded by veterans of the airline, founded by the airline, wishing to create a higher quality airline that deviated from the spread of unnecessary redundancy, it was certified as an airline under Part 121 of the United States, which offered charter and scheduled services. transport professional and college sports teams, company executives, heads of state, the White House press office and VIP tour groups. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, but focusing on maintenance, crew training, sales and marketing in Melbourne, Florida, the first six years of its existence operated charter flights before moving to scheduled routes with a minor route system, including -Portland, Naples (Florida) -Newark, Naples-Portland, Vera Beach (Florida) -Newark, and Rockford (Illinois) -Fort Collins (Colorado). The Bombardier Region Jet fleet, consisting of 11 powerful resources, consisted of one CRJ-100, five CRJ-200 and five CRJ-700.

Looking for incentives such as lowering or increasing landing fees, missed airports with 50- and 70-seat planes, he intended to offer air connections of western birds between New England and Florida, more like the Northeast with its 727 “Yellowbirds” in the early 1970s before Delta acquired the carrier. Because of the airline’s veteran founders, who also sought to resurrect higher-quality flight services for full-fledged carriers of obsolete carriers, it bore a resemblance to the now-defunct KIWI Airways.

The elite advertised themselves as “Melbourne’s hometown airline”.

The catalyst service on Long Island MacArthur was a passenger request.

“The funny thing is: if it weren’t for the people who come from Long Island, we wouldn’t be here,” Elite Airways President John Pirsall said. “On our route we are now flying between Newark and Vera Beach … We had more people asking for Islip, Long Island than any other point we fly to.”

Twice a week, Friday and Sunday, in Portland, Maine; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Melbourne, Florida, which were charged entrance fees of $ 99.00, $ 139.00 and $ 149.00, began on June 17, 2016 amid the usually optimistic comments of Pearsall, who said he expects “demand” passengers will be strong for these new routes. ” and Islip Town CEO Angie Carpenter, who commented: “I am delighted that the city of Islip is partnering with Elite Airways. Adding Elite to the McArthur Airport family on Long Island offers both residents and those living in Nassau and Suffolk. the possibility of counties to travel to some of the most desirable holiday destinations along the east coast … “

The Portland route continued to Bar Harbor, and to Melbourne it is believed to have been extended to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

Because of Elite’s presence in Rockford, Illinois, he was also considering connecting Islip with an alternative destination in Chicago.

“We are announcing additional destinations as we become more and more familiar with the market,” Pearsall said.

Another route considered here was that in Newport News, Virginia, the inauguration is scheduled for March 13, 2017. But he was forced to postpone it due to pending an investigation into government funding of $ 3.55 million, designed to improve infrastructure that was allegedly used to secure a loan for a low-cost carrier.

Although the dispute did not involve the Elite itself, it was considered prudent to avoid the airport.

“The Peninsula Airport Commission has been informed that Elite Airways has decided to temporarily suspend service at Newport News / Williamsburg International Airport (in Newark) due to persistent negative and inaccurate headlines that prevent the introduction of this new property into our community.” “The Commission and Elite Airways have an excellent working relationship as well as support for each other. We look forward to a new launch date in the next few months. We feel confident that Elite will succeed in the market and that our Community will enjoy them. services “Elite Class”.

“It was difficult to postpone the start of service,” Pearsall said. “Newport News / Williamsburg International Airport has become a great partner for work. We believe in the market and want to provide this service. The maximum possible climate to start. Postponement of the start date will allow airlines and the airport to become more successful in launching a new air service to meet the needs of society ”.

It never was. Didn’t go with Rockford. And the existing Islip service, which is considered seasonal, was suspended between January 15 and February 16, 2017, before it was resumed and discontinued for the second time in late April. Although the second re-introduction was scheduled for July, it was never implemented.

Although the lifespan of these carriers was short, the National Airline did not even touch the land of Long Island.

Founded in 2008, Orlando operated Boeing 747-400BCF passenger and cargo flights as National Air Cargo, but on June 11, 2016, it was transferred to the public charter services of the Transport Department (DOT) of PC № 16-038, whose The flights were sold by FlyBranson Travel LLC dba (doing business as) Branson Air Express and operated by National Air Cargo Group, Inc., which itself conducts business as National Airlines. Its fleet, a pair of Rolls Royce 40,200 traction-pound RB.211 Boeing 757-200s, based on the -535E4, is tuned for 170 (26 first class and 144 coaches) and 184 (22 first class and 162 coaches) passengers, intended for a six itinerary covering Aguadilla, Puerto Rico; Islip, New York; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Sanford-Orlando, Florida; St. John’s, Newfoundland; and Windsor, Ontario.

“At National Airlines, we provide an expanded experience of traveling passengers miles by air,” he said. “Our uncompromising quality, uninterrupted service and unsurpassed agility distinguish us as one of the most elite passenger airlines on the market. We travel further, move faster and arrive on time with a dedicated commitment to safe work. From runway, national to airline world class.

“National is committed to caring for customers. We believe that our passengers are the most valuable cargo a plane can carry, and that is why we treat everyone as an elite global VIP. From the dedicated service of our air crew to the undeniable beauty of our aircraft, we will stop on the details. “

Two weekly departures to Aguadilla were scheduled as flight N8 273 on Monday and Friday and four to San Juan as flight N8 231 on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from Islip. Everyone had to leave at 9 p.m.

“The city of Islip is a wonderful and attractive community.” according to Edward Davidson, President and CEO of the National Academy, Long Island MacArthur Airport offers both excellent service and convenience to our customers. National airlines believe there is a demand for our unique brand of exclusive service at inclusive rates between and -Juan and Aguadilla. “.

“There is a vibrant Puerto Rican community in Islip and throughout the New York region,” he continued, “and we believe travelers will find our combination of convenient location and inclusive service very appealing.”

Although this would be the Caribbean’s first round-the-clock service from Long Island Airport, the lack of appropriate equipment prevented its opening, leading to a month-and-a-half delay and causing passengers to return.

“National has faced challenges in acquiring the very popular Boeing 757 aircraft,” Islip Mayor Angie Carpenter said in a statement. “Unfortunately, this prompted the national to postpone the June 1 launch from McArthur Airport on Long Island to Puerto Rico. However, the city remains very enthusiastic to greet the National Airline to our family from the airport.”

There was never an opportunity to do that.

The airport fared much better with the next carrier landing on the runways, an ultra-inexpensive, border-based Denver base. Announcing the termination of service in Orlando in May 2017, the airline, the operator of the Airbus A320, put itself in competition with the current Southwest to this destination and Florida as a whole, offering separate fares of $ 39.00, additional baggage fees, early boarding, drinks, snacks and return. Based on extended orders, this became the threshold for a significant Islip presence, which would entail more round-the-clock flights and further destinations than the Southwest itself and (then) the Elite had to offer.

With 21 cities, which he added to his 61, it was considered the first step in an expansion that would double its size over the next five years.

“Islip will be part of the largest expansion in Frontier history,” said Scott Fisher, the company’s senior director at a MacArthur press conference.

Because of the airport’s availability, lack of congestion, and La Guards reconstruction, which he also served, Fisher called it an “easy airport experience” in New York City’s otherwise competitive market. “It has become moral in terms of partnership,” he said.

“We thank you for reassuring us that we know this is truly an unused treasure,” Islip Town Governor Andy Carpenter told Fisher at a news conference. “It really will bring a huge amount of rewards for everyone.”

Touching in 0936 after entering the ferry from Orlando on August 16 and receiving a salute from a water cannon from MacArthur Fire-Rescue Airport, the single-class Frontier A320-200, designated Flight F9 1779, became the starting point, pushed back by the Gate in 1045. That evening will return as flight F9 1778 in 2155.

It became the first in a two-phase expansion in MacArthur, which began Oct. 5 in Fort Myers, Miami, New Orleans, Tama and West Palm Beach, and in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis the following April 9. , 2018. Atlanta and Chicago were two airports that once served but later lost directions. They remained the two still most in demand.

However, because deregulation facilitated rapid entry and exit from markets, and very low fare carriers such as Frontier were necessarily forced to accept pins when revenue fell below expectations, much of its Islip route system was changed shortly after disappointing load factors. this.

The first place of liquidation, March 5, was New Orleans.

“We are constantly evaluating the performance of the route,” said Frontier spokesman Richard Oliver III. “Unfortunately, this capacity was better … redistributed elsewhere in our route network.”

Airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken repeated this reality.

“Unfortunately, one of the (border) ten routes – New Orleans – did not perform as expected, and therefore adjustments to the schedule are made so that the carrier continues to develop successfully in the market.”

Like the first in a series of falling dominoes, on April 8 she beat Miami and Fort Myers.

“They just didn’t live up to our expectations,” Oliver III said.

Two more dominoes fell on July 5, namely Detroit and Minneapolis.

“We haven’t yet seen the level of demand we need to see for routes,” said Daniel Schurz, vice president of commercial operations at Border.

Myrtle Beach and San Juan replaced the two original destinations, and Fort Myers, Miami and West Palm Beach were considered for recovery during the 2018-2019 winter season.

Despite the cancellations, Frontier remained committed to Islip, provided the load factor ensured adequate profitability.

“We are working with the airport and they have done a good job of promoting the services,” Schurz said.

Although the American Eagle and the Southwest remained longtime tenant anchors, they themselves made tiny adjustments. The first upgraded its 37-passenger de Havilland turboprop from Canada DHC-8-100 from the American concern Philadelphia to the 45-passenger Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft, which represents a 31 percent increase in power, and the second opened one stop, a single-seat service in Raleigh / Durham through Baltimore, which facilitates return business trips in one day.

McArthur on Long Island continued its constant search for airlines, and the airliners themselves continued to search for passengers and profitability in the shadow of New York airports, as evidenced by the latest round of entries and departures of carriers. However, despite the losses between 2011 and 2014, one of the largest in 2012 – $ 2 million, 2017 ended the balance of almost $ 3 million.

In the financial year from February 2017 to February 2018, 6,473 aircraft departures were recorded, an increase of 10.67 percent, 694 thousand arriving passengers, an increase of 17.28 percent and 697,000 departing passengers, which is 17.43 percent more, according to DOT statistics. The number of used wheels is more than doubled – from seven to 15.

Like American Airlines in the 1970s, Northeastern International in the 1980s, and Southwest in the 1990s, Frontier could serve as a catalyst for the airport’s next development cycle, provided it can identify markets that ensure its profitability and long-term presence.

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