Casway is a giant and chairman of Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway, located on the north coast of Northern Ireland, is Ireland’s only World Heritage Site. It has one of the most beautiful rock formations, consisting of 37,000 dark hexagonal columns that stand beneath the gray rocks of northern Antrim. The Causeway Giant consists of the Lesser Causeway, the Middle Causeway and the Grand Causeway. Interestingly, looking down from the sky, the shape of the Grand Casway resembles a lizard’s tail.

According to legend, these hexagonal rocks were actually housed by a giant named Finn McCool. He placed the rocks there, forming a bridge that spans the sea and reaches the island of Steffla in Scotland. There are similar columns in Scotland. This bridge served as a path for a beloved woman who was on Staff Island. He provided her with this path to get to him without wetting her feet. The giant, Finn McCool, really showed a deep love for this woman by building this bridge so she could get to it with ease, comfort and convenience. At the edge of the Middle River, there is a rocky seat known as the Wish Chair. It was said that this chair was made for giant Finn McCool when he was a child. According to the legend, all the wishes expressed by all comers at the Department of Wishes will come true. Perhaps the giant wished he could one day build a ridge, and his wish came true!

Geologists, however, have come up with some explanations for the existence of these amazing rock formations. According to them, these formations were created about 60 million years ago due to massive volcanic eruptions. The layer of toleitic basalt lava cools down quickly, which leads to the splitting of rocks into polygonal shapes. At the end of the ice age, about 15,000 years ago, seawater washed away the shore, thus today forming the Causeway giant.

How incredible rock formations actually arise remains a mystery. However, Casway the Giant is too weird to miss. With an intriguing legend and amazing rock formations, it has become a magical place worth visiting. If you want to travel on vacation and expect beautiful landscapes and mysterious places, you can think about visiting this legendary place and discover a miracle. Why not bring a loved one to the Giant’s Causeway and confess your love along the way? It would have been a meaningful gesture, as it was said that the bridge arose out of a man’s deep love for his woman. Wouldn’t it also be romantic to walk on this “love affair” with your loved one? It will definitely excite and affect a loved one. Apart from the opportunity to share the wonderful experience of discovering the wonders of this place with your loved one, you can also spend a romantic time together. It would be a long-term experience for both of you.

If you go to Casway Giant, it would be great to visit the Wish Cathedral as well and make a wish there. Remember, a giant might wish to build a giant cassowary, and it was born. So, don’t be surprised if your wish really comes true! For more travel information you can contact Travel Europe.

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