How to get to the lost Inca city, Machu Picchu – how to make a smooth journey

Although Machu Picchu is the most popular place in Peru, you would be disappointed to learn that there is no direct route from Lima, the Peruvian capital to Machu Picchu. Once you have landed in Lima, you need to get to Cuzco, the old capital of the Inca Empire. The distance between these stretching cities is over 700 miles. You can fly from Lima, or take a bus for a long challenging journey. Once you get to Cuzco, you will need to make another trip to get to Aguas Calientes, the nearest town to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu, a famous ruin, is just a few miles from Aguas Calientes. You can get there on foot or by bus. Now let’s discuss all this more complicated.

Lima in Cusco

Most people get to Lima by international flight. If you get to Lima with enough time, you will probably be able to stay there for a night or two and move around the city. There are many cases where people reach Peru with a budget of 4/5 days. In these cases you have to fix the flight so as to get there in the morning. Most popular flights land early in the morning at Lima Airport. So you can make another flight from Lima to Cuzco in a few hours. They have 3/4 good airlines in Peru and some of them offer flights every few hours from Lima.

But you don’t have to buy tickets from the airport, and when buying an international ticket, make a flight to Cuzco that morning. Flight time from Lima to Cuzco is only one hour, so you can get to Cuzco early in the afternoon on the same day. There is another alternative way. You can take a bus to get to Cusco. This is a long way. There are several good bus companies that you can choose from, such as Ormeno or Cruz del Sur. They have posh buses plying between Lima and Cusco. If you are not in a hurry, you can choose a bus instead of a plane, as they are really very cheap. The plane will cost you about $ 100.00 for a one-way trip. While for a ride on a luxury bus to Cusco you only need 30.00 / 40.00 US dollars. But remember that the bus to Cusco takes about twenty hours.

Cusco in Aguas Calientes

When you get to Cusco, you can spend the night here or move to Machu Picchu on the same day. It depends on how many days you plan to stay in Peru. Cusco is a historic city. If you can spend some time there, you will definitely enjoy the city. But if you’re in a hurry, dine in the afternoon from Cuzco to get to Aguas Calientes. The train journey is scenic, and although you’ll have to sit on the train for over three hours (distance – 70 miles), you’ll enjoy it.

There are many hotels in Aguas Calientes. If you have a busy season, I recommend you book a room long before you get there.

Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu

You can wake up very early in the morning to take a bus to get to the ruins of Machu Picchu. It is less than two miles and you need about twenty minutes to get to the ruins. Aguas Calientes is a very small town. They only have buses for transportation. you can easily cover the city on foot. They have two bus stations in the city, one is in the middle of the city, very close to where the train stops, the other – at the end of the city, towards Machu Picchu. Catching a bus from Aguas Calientes is easy, the ticket office is at bus stations, and the bus leaves the city at short intervals to the ruins of Machu Picchu. So get on the bus, enjoy a little 20-minute trip, get to Machu Picchu and enjoy the gorgeous Machu Picchu.


Guide Italy and flights to Italy

Italy is world famous for its cultural heritage and amazing food. However, such a diverse country deserves much more time than usual. This is why it is often better to visit Italy several times to experience the many different places and people it has to offer.

If you are going to try to see as many countries as possible in one trip, we would recommend this.

Start with Rome, which is the capital of Italy. It is a truly charming city with historic buildings and statues that surround you almost everywhere you go. Some highlights include the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and of course the Vatican. The Roman Forum is also definitely worth a visit.

From here you could head to Sorrento. It is a small town, but it will give you an understanding of “old” Italy and allow you to taste the wonderful Italian seafood and the famous Italian drink called Lemoenchello. One could then ascend to Florence, famous for its art and buildings. After Florence you need to drive to Pisa. This city not only has a sloping tower, and is definitely worth a walk. Another very famous and popular city – Venice. It’s an absolute must see and just stunning. One of the best ways to get to all of these places is to rent a car and drive a car. This will make the trip much more flexible and spontaneous and will relieve the need for deadlines.

Italy has become a very popular country to visit, especially for South Africans. There are two airports that have airlines that operate flights to Italy. It is Cape Town International and OR Tambo Airport. The main airline that operates these routes is SAA, but other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Air France also do so.


Four watt aviation radio

What is the most difficult part of training pilots? Almost everyone will say, “We’re talking on the radio.” However, even beginners can sound good on the radio if they apply some simple rules. I will first discuss these rules and then give tips that all pilots can use to improve their radio skills.

Four Bs by radio

Usually it is most difficult for a pilot to make a radio call first – an “initial call”. However, with each initial call (and many subsequent calls) you just need to remember four W:

  • Who am I calling?
  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • Where am I going, what am I doing or what do I want to do?

Take two examples of this, one for an uncontrolled field and one with a control tower.

As you prepare to enter a motion pattern on an uncontrolled field, you usually make a message, for example:

“Traffic in Miltown (who am I calling?), Cessna 12345 (who am I?), Which is 45 in the wind (where am I?), Runway 22 for landing in Miltown (what am I doing?).

With the control tower you can instead say:

Ocala Tower (who am I calling?), Cessna 12345 (who am I?) Eight miles north, two thousand five hundred from Charlie (where am I? – and add ATIS), Ocala landing (what do I want to do?).

Once established, you do not need to use four W for all communication. Instead, you just read the controller’s critical instructions to let them know you got them. For example, if the controller asks you to enter the right wind for runway 24, you will answer: “Cessna 12345 will enter the right air at 24”.

Try different scenarios with your friends or flight instructor, and pretty soon you’ll always know what to say.


Even if you know what to say, talking on the radio still requires some practice. Here are some tips to get you talking fast as a professional.

  1. Listen to the ATC communication. If you don’t have a radio that accepts aviation frequencies, see if you can borrow it from another pilot or at your flight school for a week. Listen to what the pilots say to ATC at their initial call and how they respond to ATC instructions. Try listening to ground, towers, approaches and center frequencies if you can.
  2. Write down what you say before making the initial radio call. You can even compose completed scripts to do so. After a few weeks of this most people can make calls on their own, but you will still want to record complex calls.
  3. If you are a student pilot, be sure to say this at the initial call-up so that the ATC will be more attentive to you.
  4. Don’t worry if you forget something. Even experienced pilots sometimes forget to inform the dispatcher of their altitude or that they have ATIS. Don’t worry – the controllers will ask you for something if you forget about it.
  5. To study the recommended phraseology, see Section 4 and the Pilot / Controller Glossary in the Aviation Manual.

If all else fails, use plain English! Not all situations lend themselves to the recommended ATC phrases, or you may just forget how to say something. One day I was leaving an unfamiliar airport and when I called the ground, I suddenly realized I had no idea where we were at the airport. The bell sounded something like this: “Land of Littletown, Cessna 12345, mmmm …” (at that moment I looked around wildly) “I’m a Chevron sign, ready to take a taxi with Delta, heading west.” Ugh – saved by the Chevron gas sign! The ground found me and allowed a taxi.


My favorite vacation spot in India!

Garbage– called as Queen of the Hills, a beautiful station on a hill, perfect for having a nice holiday with family and friends and having a great time in the cool breeze.

This magical point is located about 35 km from Dehradun, and some major Hindu places of pilgrimage, such as Kedarnat, Badrinat, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh, are close to this place. Therefore, if you want to make a trip to these religious places and seek God’s blessing, they are all in close proximity.

The cool climate is perfect for getting rid of the usual stress, go hiking and visit famous tourist destinations. Some of these may include Mountain Hill, the Municipal Garden and Camel Road, which are famous for horseback riding and have magnificent views to the west.

Now that you love the rains and love to dance on the waterfalls, there are also some picnic spots that are perfect for swimming and spending time. These include the fall of Bhatta and the fall of Kempta. Mussoorie Lakes are famous for water boat rides and also have a magical view of the Dong Valley and nearby villages.

At the highest peak of Mussoor next to Lal Tibbay and Char Ducan is Childer’s Lodge. This is one of the best places in Mussoor where there is a spectacular snowy view. You can visit the house even on horseback. Char Ducan was named after the number “4” because it consists of 4 (char in Hindi) places to eat.

Well, if you are a fan of websites and just can’t do without clicking images and landscapes, be sure to visit one of the best tours in Mussoorie, Dhanauli; famous for its green Deodoric forests and mountain landscapes.

The main attraction of Mussoorie – a shopping center. It consists of several hotels, restaurants, canteens and game stores for children and adults. The road opens the way to the Library Road, followed by the Tibetan Market, where people can make cheap purchases.

Above, Mussoorie is the best hill station to visit because of its pleasant climate all year round, with greenery in full bloom in October and November, which is the spring season there. The best season to visit Mussoorie is from April to June and again from September to November. When hot waves occur on the plains of North India, Mussoorie offers a welcome break. At this time the Himalayas are very clearly visible and look very beautiful and colorful. Alternatively, accommodation can be enjoyed at the Honeymoon Inn and other Musour hotels, so you don’t have to worry too much about the possibility of staying at this magnificent Hill Station


Airport etiquette: go through airport security without losing your bags or missing a flight

In the past, stress over the ocean usually flew over worries about the flight itself or that you forgot to gather the necessary things.

However nowadays people are more worried about having to choose this in-depth bag search and get through the airport in time to make a flight. The sad but true fact is that navigating airport security is more of a test than the flight itself.

So how can you get to the airport quickly and easily? Is it still possible to get to your destination on time and with all your bags? Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully make this dream come true!

Packing tips

Traveling through the airport easily starts with packing. Before folding your first shirt, visit your airline’s website to check the current restrictions. Then withstand them! If it says that you don’t have liquid transfers, don’t try to steal face cream because it’s not “really” liquid. Also make sure the bags are the right size and weight. Be sure to check again a day or two before departure if anything changes.

Your next task will be to ensure that all your bags arrive at their destination. Tighter security and more frequent baggage checks mean there will be more errors – lost luggage or (if lucky) temporarily left seats. More and more travelers are even reporting that they have found items in their bags that do not belong to them! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood that all your bags will arrive at the right place:

  • 1. Make the manual styling as small as possible. In fact, if you can, carry everything in a clear plastic bag. That says “I’m not dangerous” loud and clear.
  • 2. Use plastic freezer bags to seal small items in tested bags, and with a permanent marker write your name and destination on the outside. This will help any luggage seeker in case of mixing.
  • 3. Include your itinerary in each checked baggage with names, dates and phone numbers where you will be staying.
  • 4. Mark the outside of each bag with something that identifies it as part of the group. I was in groups that used red pompoms (they are easy to pick up at the store) and I myself used colored canvas straps. Think about it: if this luggage handler sees five bags of yellow pompoms going to Rome and he’s holding a bag of pompoms, he’s probably not going to accidentally throw it on a pile going to Kathmandu!

    Now you have done your best to get the bags to their destination; but the best plans of mice and males are not always reliable. What if the worst happens and your bags get lost or delayed?

    Manual convenience

    Here the manual packing comes into play. I understand that I just recommended taking as little as possible … But if you are really concerned about lost bags, I would recommend taking one outfit (don’t forget socks and underwear!) As well as a few essentials. In the past here you bought bottles of toothpaste and shampoo to collect them in hand styling. Unfortunately, those days are over. The good news is that, despite the restrictions on carryover, there is there is several viable alternatives!

  • 1. The only thing no one wants to do without in a 14-hour flight is toothpaste. You can get pre-glued brushes at”> for about 50 cents and throw them away when you’re done.Toothpaste powder is also a great way to go. / / “> At there is the product itself and very interesting information about the health benefits associated with this method. You may end up using it all the time!
  • 2. Did you know that you can get a non-liquid shampoo? Consider yourself informed. “> JR Liggett’s has been selling organic shampoo since 1985. In addition to being very hair-friendly, it can be used on the rest of the body … and even on clothes! it is environmentally friendly.
  • 3. If you are traveling with toddlers, another important item on your list will be sunscreen. Check “”> Sun Towel “to make sure neither you nor your child start a holiday with burnt skin. +, which offers maximum protection on this sunny Mediterranean beach!
  • 4. Finally, if you have any medications that you need to continue, make sure they are clearly labeled with your name. Liquid medications are usually limited to 4 or 5 ounces.

    Well, your “thing” will do it … what about you? Do you have a plan for a quick and carefree ride through the airport?

    Airport security etiquette

    The main thing to pass the airport security quickly and without any worries is to play by the rules. Don’t be angry; if you are offended, write a letter to the congressman when you get home. But for now, if a man in uniform asks you to do something, do it. Here are some other tips to make sure you are not the one chosen for viewing:

  • 1. Arrive early. They tell you to get there in about three hours, so do it!
  • 2. Keep your ticket, ID and passport in one place for quick access. I recommend purchasing something like a passport wallet or certificate holder around your neck. Remember to keep an eye on this all the time.
  • 3. Wear comfortable shoes that slide / slide easily. At the airport you will be asked to take off your shoes at least once, so I recommend slippers, sandals or flip flops. They will be more comfortable on the plane.
  • 4. Don’t wear a lot of extra materials; avoid earrings, watches, belts and pockets if you can. If you can’t, remove them in advance and place in a hand stacker until you cross the line. Trust me – everyone else will appreciate it!
  • 5. The last and perhaps most important tip for “flying through the airport” is to dress chic and simple. Don’t wear a t-shirt with ambiguous messages or anything that others will find “horrible” or “scary”. Nowadays you can be stopped for searching!
  • Following these tips can seem a bit tedious and detailed if all you want to do is get to your destination. However, I am sure you will agree that small worries ahead of time are worth making your vacation start quickly and without worries. So, the only thing you will have to worry about when you get there is whether you should spend your time studying or just lying down by the pool!